In the United Arab Emirates there is a long tradition of sailing Dhows. This heritage sport traces its origin to when dhows were used in pearl diving, fishing and transporting goods. Sailing races for traditional Dhows are held annually during the months the climate is moderate. Dhow sailing is divided in three separate categories according to the length of the dhows 22ft, 43ft and 60ft. All boats are made of wood and are designed according to the traditions and secrets of the dhow sailing families. In these races sailors depend on their physical strength and skill to control the dhows. Dhow sailing skills and traditions are passed down by parents and grandparents ensuring the current generation knows how to handle these magnificent boats in the wind and the waves. Races can include between 60 to 90 dhows. Our organizing committee has a great responsibility ensuring the race is run in suitable weather conditions and determining the correct length and direction of the race course. The winners are determined by the first to cross the finish line, this means it is up to the experience and skill of the skipper (Noukhitha) and his crew to navigate the dhow as fast as possible to the finish. Abu Dhabi Sailing & Yacht Club organizes a range of Dhow races amongst the Emirate of Abu Dhabi during the whole year, and sets annual calendar that includes all types of races