Sailing Boats
Sailing requires athletes to use their skill to control and navigate the boat across the wind and the waves by controlling the speed and balance of their boat. Sailing comes from a long maritime heritage in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Sailing has developed in many different categories according to age and the number of sailors in the crew. Some of the most popular classes are  The Optimist class, the most popular youth class for sailors age 6-15 years:

  1. The Laser is a popular 1 person class that also participates in the Olympic Games. The Laser class is divided in 3 categories 4.7, Radial & Standard
  2. Catamarans are a fast design and come in many sizes. Small catamarans are used for sailing and racing from the beach. Large catamarans are now being used for professional racing for example in the Extreme Sailing Series and America’s Cup.
  3. Yachting is the best know type of sailing. Yachts can be crewed buy many sailors, each skilled in their own task. There are many disciplines that vary from match-racing close to shore to long distance racing such as the Volvo Ocean Race around the world.

The Abu Dhabi Sailing & Yacht Club annually host a variety of regattas for all classes. All events are organized according to the standards set by the International Sailing Federation. Sailors compete in a series of races during the regatta and the champion is decided by a points scoring system.