ِExcelled appears for Gulf Riders in the second round of the Jet Ski Marathon UAE

UAE, Abu Dhabi, December 23, 2023: Under the patronage of Sheikh Mohammed bin Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahyan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Abu Dhabi Marine Sports Club, the second round of the Emirates Jet Ski Marathon was concluded, on the “Water Breaker” in the capital, Abu Dhabi, with great success for the three championship categories, which The Nautical Club organized it.

Abdullah Saeed Al-Hattawi achieved first place in “Veterans”, followed by Ahmed Rashid Al-Dawas from Kuwait, and Muhammad Al-Hamli, and in “SKI GP1”, Sultan Issa Al-Hammad achieved first place, followed by Rashid Salem Al-Taher and Salman Younis Al-Awadi, and in “Runabout GP1”, Abdullah achieved Al Turki from Saudi Arabia ranked first, followed by Stephane Doleac (France) and Saud Al Obaidli (Qatar).

The race lasted for more than an hour and a half for the professional category, which was the longest time among all the categories that participated in the championship.

The competition was held in an ideal atmosphere suitable for the indoor race track. Khalifa Al Suwaidi, head of the academy department at the club, honored the winners at the end.

Khalifa Al Suwaidi stressed that the spread and strength of the tournament contributed to the strong participation of brothers from the Gulf countries, who also took first place in the competition.

He said: “The round attracted champions from all over the Gulf countries, which contributed to us seeing a high technical level for the challenge, and better attempts from everyone, to reach the best results. We are happy the tournament will enjoy a large spread, presence, and strong participation in the various stages.”

He added: “Marathon races are among the strongest competitions for jet skis among racers and professionals, as they reveal the strength and high fitness of the champions, and the ability to ride the bike for a long time on the race track. Thus, it is a strong preparation for the season and preparation for the upcoming tournaments, especially the UAE International Championship.” “Aquatics is one of the strongest competitions of the season.”