"Dalma Sailing Race"... Sailing in the realm of nature and history

Abu Dhabi on April 27, 2024: The Delma Long-Distance Sailing Race, part of the Delma Historical Festival held from 25 April to 5th May, is a thrilling event that showcases the beauty of maritime heritage. Organized by the Abu Dhabi Heritage Authority and the Abu Dhabi Marine Sports Club, this prestigious race sees 60-foot sailboats navigating through the waves for over seven hours. The captains strategically choose their path from Dalma Island to Al Mughira Beach in the Al Dhafra region.

This race is not just a competition but a journey through nature and history, passing by significant islands like Sir Bani Yas, Ghasha, Umm al-Kurcum, Al-Fatayir, Al-Bazm, Al-Faya, Marawah, and Janana before reaching the final destination at Al-Mughira Beach. It highlights the unique islands that have been crucial for sailors throughout history.

The Delma Historic Race is the festival's centerpiece, symbolizing the revival of maritime heritage and emphasizing the importance of national heritage. It is the most prestigious long-distance maritime heritage race in the country and the region, attracting a large number of boats and sailors.

The previous edition of the race featured over 3,000 sailors on 125 boats, covering 68 nautical miles with prizes totaling 30 million dirhams. The competition is intense, with participants constantly changing positions as they make their way through the various stations towards the finish line at Al-Mughira Beach.

Overall, the Delma Long-Distance Sailing Race is a celebration of tradition, skill, and the region's rich maritime history, making it a significant and highly anticipated event for sailors and spectators alike.