Abu Dhabi F4 Boat Team Racers Kick Off Intensive Training Camp in Italy with Coach Guido Cappellini

Italy, San Nazzaro 6 May 2024: The Abu Dhabi Formula 4 boat racing team, represented by Salem Al Yafei and Ahmed Al Rumaithi, has embarked on an intensive training camp in Italy under their esteemed coach, Guido Cappellini. This rigorous preparation aims to hone the skills of the talented racers as they gear up to compete in the prestigious Formula 4 World Championship in Mons, Belgium from May 9-10, 2024.
The picturesque setting of the Italian training camp provides the ideal backdrop for the racers to focus on their physical and mental conditioning. From early morning fitness routines to on-water practice sessions, Salem Al Yafei and Ahmed Al Rumaithi are leaving no stone unturned in their quest for excellence. Coach Guido Cappellini, known for his strategic understanding and dedication to the sport, is leading the training program with precision and expertise.

As the sun rises over the tranquil waters of Italy, the sound of boat engines revving fills the air, signaling the start of another challenging training day. The racers, fueled by determination and passion, push themselves to the limit, striving to perfect every turn, and every maneuver, in preparation for the high-stakes competition that awaits them in Mons, Belgium.

Under the watchful eye of Coach Cappellini, Salem, and Ahmed undergo rigorous drills and simulation races, honing their reflexes and decision-making skills. The team's synergy and camaraderie shine through as they work together to analyze data, fine-tune their boats, and strategize for the Formula 4 World Championship. Every moment spent in training is a step closer to achieving their shared dream of victory on the international stage.
As the intensive training camp in Italy progresses, Salem Al Yafei and Ahmed Al Rumaithi continue to show unwavering dedication and perseverance in their pursuit of excellence. With the expert guidance of Coach Guido Capallini, the Abu Dhabi Formula 4 boat racing team is poised to make a splash at the upcoming Formula 4 World Championship in Mons, Belgium. The hard work, discipline, and passion displayed by these talented racers serve as a testament to their commitment to representing Abu Dhabi with honor and distinction on the global racing circuit. Stay tuned for more updates as Salem and Ahmed race towards glory in Mons!