Abu Dhabi Marine Sports Club organizes the Noukhathat Summer Program

On June 27, 2024, the Abu Dhabi Marine Sports Club unveiled the commencement of its summer activities through the "Nokhatha Abu Dhabi" initiative, backed by the Abu Dhabi Sports Council. This vibrant program will take place on the Abu Dhabi breakwater beach and , in Al Marfaa, and now, for the first time, on Dalma Island, where it will be hosted. Scheduled from July 6 to August 15, the program aims to equip sailors with essential theoretical and practical knowledge on sailing sailboats. Participants will learn the art of sailing, interpreting wind speed, and navigating sailboats effectively.

Majid Al Muhairi, the Director of the Marine Sports Department at the club, highlighted the importance of conducting the program on Dalma Island. By offering summer camps, the program provides a platform for the region's residents to involve their children in mastering key sailing skills. Expressing his delight, Al Muhairi emphasized the significance of engaging children from Dalma Island in the upcoming competition.

The scheduled conclusion of the Al Nokhatha program on August 15 was confirmed by Majid Al Muhairi. However, the program on Dalma Island will extend until the start of the 2024-2025 academic year. Al Muhairi reiterated the club's commitment to nurturing participants' skills by continuing the program on Dalma Island to further enhance their mastery in sailing.